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14/04/22 | Advice and Tips

When the big day finally arrives you will want to make sure you are organised! Moving home or office can be an enormous task! However, it is made all the more difficult when the move date is upon you and you realise that you should have packed and organised much more! Leaving everything until the very last minute will cause you AND your movers much unneeded stress. In this article we will take a look at how you can minimise the stress and ensure that you have a smooth-hassle free move.

Book Boxes (Small)

Book boxes, also known as small boxes or pack ones are smaller for a reason. Books are heavy! The general rule when packing boxes is, the heavier the item, the smaller the box! You can fill a large box full of books, documents and papers but then you have to lift it. This is going to result in some blood, sweat and tears.

You can also place tinned foods, spices, herbs and toiletries in a book box. Just be sure to pack each item upright and make sure all the lids are tight and will not open. When it comes to loading these boxes on a vehicle or into storage, make sure you stack them low. Heavy boxes should always be stacked low and lighter items and boxes up high. Packing these boxes should not take too much time. You do not need to wrap individual books unless they are of high or sentimental value.

Delph Boxes (Medium)

Medium boxes also known as Delph Boxes or Pack twos are used for your delicate and fragile items. These boxes should be made of double walled strong cardboard. Typically you will pack the majority of these boxes in the kitchen. China, Delph, Crystal, Electronics, Appliances and other fragile goods should be placed vertically into these boxes and wrapped in packing paper or bubblewrap. It is most important that you place all plates and glassware upright and vertical inside the box. This prevents the weight chipping and cracking the items when stacked on top of each other.

A top tip that professional moving companies use is to scrunch up some packing paper and create a base for packing your items. This creates a layer of cushioning and prevents damaging vibrations or any accidental falls that may occur. If you are storing or shipping your goods, it is a good idea to double wrap each item and take into account the distance travelled or the amount of handlings. Once filled, these boxes could hold some weight depending on the contents. It is a good idea to mark these boxes fragile and keep them low in the load if they are heavy.

Moving Crates

Moving crates are a fantastic, eco friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. The same packing principals applies to packing moving crates. Moving crates are made of hard plastic so a little extra wrapping and cushioning is needed when packing these crates. If packing books, files or documents you need to be aware of the weight as these crates can hold a capacity of 80 Litres! Always pack the crates to a certain level which allows you to close the lids fully. Once the lids are closed fully you can stack them high as they will slot into each other.

Linen Boxes (Large)

Large boxes, also know as linen or pack three’s are suitable for large items which are lightweight. You can pack items such as bedding, lamps, shades, toys and awkward sized items in these boxes. These boxes will typically be your largest box so it is a good idea to keep the weight in mind, your back will thank you! These boxes should be placed midway or high in the load as they should contain little weight. You will find that some boxes of this size will be made of a single wall cardboard making them unsuitable for stacking on. It is always a good idea to write on these boxes, no top load or top load only so that remain high in the stack.

Flat Robe (Lay Down Wardrobe Boxes)

Flat robe or lay down wardrobe boxes are a great solution for packing your hanging clothes. These boxes are great for laying your hanging clothes flat and keeping them crease and wrinkle free. They are a great alternative to cardboard wardrobe boxes as they are less expensive and take up less space when loading. These boxes should always be kept high in the load so they do not crush.

These flat robe boxes or hanging wardrobe boxes are a great tool for keeping your garments clean and wrinkle free. Bagging your expensive clothes and having to re-iron or dry clean your favourite clothes is a thing of the past. A truly essential piece of kit when moving, storing or shipping your clothes.

Mattress Protective Bags

Mattress bags are also essential when moving, storing or shipping your bed parts. When putting your mattress into storage or when shipping it abroad you really need to protect it correctly. These bags keep any unwanted bugs and dust-mites out. They also prevent any dampness or mildew caused by temperature changes. Simply place the bag down over your mattress and seal with a good quality tape.

Quality Tape

A Good Quality Tape is vital when sealing your boxes or bags. The cheaper tapes are simply not good enough to seal a box. Over time the residue will eventually fall away from the box. We often see poor quality tapes on boxes which cause some of the contents to bottom out when lifted. All professional moving companies will stock a high quality tape as it is one of the most essential tools in removal mans kit.


GET PACKING. The sooner you get the packing materials, the sooner you can begin to de-clutter and organise your living space. Should you choose Aaltonen for your upcoming move, we will provide you with our free packing materials typically between 2-3 weeks from your move date.

If you are managing your work hours and children then we would suggest you set aside a few hours a night. I would also suggest you bring in some extra help. If the kids can help, let them! Make them part of the move, give them the responsibility of packing their toys, books or photo albums.

REDUCE YOUR FOOD SHOPPING. If your move is a two-day move you are going to want to reduce your food shopping the week before. Try to consume it throughout the week before moving day. Fridge freezers will have to be defrosted the day before if you are moving to a destination which you are traveling over a long distance.

LEAVE THE BREAKABLES TO US. If you are particularly nervous about packing fragile breakables and family heirlooms, why not leave to our trained professionals. We can provide a partial packing service in which we only pack the items that you are not comfortable packing yourself.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH BOXES. As soon as you run out of boxes, give our office a call on (021 4872405) to request more boxes, tape, packing paper or bubble wrap. Our surveyor will usually supply you with more than you need but just in case you run out it’s not an issue.

PACK CLEVER. Do not make the mistake of packing large delph or linen boxes full of books. Books are heavy. Lots of books are extremely heavy. When a box is overloaded with heavy items the bottoms tend to break or bulge and they can cause stacking issues on the truck.

Use smaller book boxes for books, CD’s, cutlery, etc. Do not pack books with breakables. Use cushions or pillows to pack around awkward items such as lamps, clocks, and pictures. Wrap all high value and precious items with extreme care. Always place plates, dishes, and glasses vertically in boxes and wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap. If you have any worries give us a call.

• LABEL ALL BOXES CLEARLY. If you want a seamless transition to your new residence then clearly labeling each box is essential. Our crew are hugely experienced but if the boxes are not labeled it will hinder the speed of the process. Make it plain and simple and leave the rest to us.

KEEP IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS WITH YOU. Passports, medical cards, prescriptions, etc. If you want to have quick access to important documents or if you are moving abroad it is best to keep these in a separate bag or case.

PACK AN OVERNIGHT BAG. A change of clothes, your toiletries, phone chargers, towels, sheets, snacks, and water are a godsend when waiting for your boxes to be unloaded. Keep the kids entertained with fully charged iPads or books to read. And don’t forget the kettle!

TAKE A PICTURE OF DEVICE CABLES BEFORE UNPLUGGING. Before you unplug or disconnect any electronic devices, take a quick snap of the wiring set up. This will allow you to reconnect much easier and quicker in your new home. It is also a good idea to separate cables into bags and label them for which  devices they are used.

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Happy Packing 🙂

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